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Covers all areas of child development. Practical steps for daily use. Wholesome stories and colouring patterns.  Read more >>

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I have worked with thousands of children for more than 15 years in the field of Creative-Dramatic Arts and as an ECD teacher.  I am fascinated by these young beings and continue to explore various avenues for understanding and communicating effectively with them collectively and as individuals.  Along with the Creative Arts and ECD I have a background in Developmental Psychology and Right Brain Learning.  Combining my experience in children’s behaviour and development along with my enthusiasm for optimising learning and self-mastery,  I aim to inspire parents, teachers and children to lead fulfilling lives, together.  To read more click here

Being an effective parent these days one needs to understand the psychology of children in order to reach them.
By familiarising ourselves with their ‘User Manual’ we can learn to communicate with our children in a manner that is beneficial to both them and us.  In so doing we create a pathway through life that is nourishing and inspiring.

Why is inspiration necessary for my child to lead a fulfilling life?
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How do inspire my children when they are demotivated?
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What steps can I implement right now to empower my child?
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Every child is a gift,
keeping us in tune with the present moment

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The ability to listen and receive information or speak and convey information is a skill that will shape one’s life. The art of expression is learned from a young age. Effective communication starts with the parents.

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