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A workshop for those who are wanting to thrive in life.  7 Feb 2015 @ EQ centre, Jhb.  Read more >>

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I have worked with thousands of children for more than 15 years in the field of Creative-Dramatic Arts and as an ECD teacher.  I am fascinated by these young beings and continue to explore various avenues for understanding and communicating effectively with them collectively and as individuals.  Along with the Creative Arts and ECD I have a background in Developmental Psychology and Right Brain Learning.  Combining my experience in children’s behaviour and development along with my enthusiasm for optimising learning and self-mastery,  I aim to inspire parents, teachers and children to lead fulfilling lives, together.  To read more click here

Blending a delightful variety of references, images and the wisdom of her own experience, Helen Hansen inspires us to meet young children  with confident and joyful creativity. You can turn to her guide-book to boost self-esteem and important parenting skills.

Nancy Mellon

Storyteller, Psychotherapist, Author,

Helen, you are amazing! You put such time and energy, and thought into your work!

Jeffrey Rink

Clinical Psychologist, ECOPSYCHOLOGY AFRICA

The development and inspiration of children, in my opinion, particularly “today” has never been more vital.  As a young Gogo ;-) and with so many years of my own experience with bringing up children, teaching, learning, coaching and gathering knowledge, I am particularly inspired by the role wise elders need to be playing again in young lives.

Lucienne Nobes



The ability to listen and receive information or speak and convey information is a skill that will shape one’s life. The art of expression is learned from a young age. Effective communication starts with the parents.

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